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Sports Massage – 120 Minute



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Sports Massage


What is sports massage?

Sports Massage isn’t a separate modality of massage but rather a different approach to using Remedial Massage techniques.  As active athletic individuals you aim to push the limits of your physical capabilities to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.  Massage therapy can support your training program through rehabilitation or event preparation.  Whatever your goal, our therapist will work with you to develop a targeted treatment to meet your needs.


What happens before your sports massage treatment?

At the beginning of the­­ 120 minute session your therapist will discuss:

  • What you are looking for in the treatment
  • Any symptoms you are experiencing
  • When you first experienced the symptoms and what treatment you have used so far


They will also discuss things like your training schedule, when your major events are and ask questions to understand the physical demands of your sport.  They may ask you to perform a few ranges of motion test to help focus their treatment on target tissues that may provide the best results.  This information along with your medical and lifestyle history is how we develop an approach that is unique to your needs.


What happens during your sports massage treatment?:

During the treatment you may be asked to disrobe down to your underwear (depending on the target area) however we use professional draping to maintain your modesty.


The focus of sports massage is usually one of two things.  Pre-Event where we generally use more stimulatory techniques with the goal on ‘activating’ or ‘recruiting’ muscles to help optimize their function for your event.  Post-event sports in which massage is targeted towards calming the nervous system to support your body’s natural repair mechanisms.  As always, the treatment will be directed to your needs.  We may incorporate Dry Needling or kinesiotaping but will explain why and check that you understand any possible side effects so that you can make an informed decision.


Depending on the approach for your unique treatment we may have you perform functional movements and retest these during the session to confirm we are getting the desired change. Doing retests throughout the treatment rather than just before and after gives us the opportunity to be agile in our techniques used.


What happens after your sports massage treatment?

At the end of your massage we will remove any residual oil, give you time to redress and perform any final retests.  We do recommend that you are vigilant with any sun exposure and shower as soon as possible.  Before you leave our therapist may provide some recommendations frequency of treatment and also some points you can discuss with your trainers from the findings of our treatment.


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