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Haumanu Health are Sports massage specialists and are dedicated to providing our clients with outstanding service, relief from chronic pain and ongoing support to promote holistic wellness. 


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Benefit of Sports Massage

Sports massage is a brilliant way to take care of your body as well as your mind. Sports massage as a part of a wider holistic wellness plan can help lift your mood, eliminate stress and tensions and help with tired and sore muscles. 

Our Sports Massage treatments are tailored to your personal preference including music style, level of pressure and types of oils. 

If you would like to discuss the various options then reach out to us and we would be happy to take you through it. 

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Our Sports Massage Treatment Options

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Understanding Sports Massage Treatments

In our Mermaid Waters clinic our focus is on Sports Massage Therapy.  We feel that this type of treatment is effective in considering a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

Sports massage therapy is the use of different massage techniques in the treatment of your specific injury, ailment, aches or pains.  

We develop a treatment approach and use a range of techniques that can target relaxation, pain management, stress reduction, supporting injury rehabilitation and improving joint or muscle groups function.

More than just a deep tissue massage, Sports massage uses clinical rationale from the information our therapists gather through talking to you about your health concern, physical assessment and movement screening. 

By using different to regular massage techniques and coupling them with myofascial release, trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques the goal is to work systematically with you towards your health goals.  

  • Relaxation / Swedish Massage
  • Remedial massage techniques
  • Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Direct or Indirect Myofascial Techniques
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Dry Needling
  • Treat Injuries

How does Sports Massage work?

Whether you are a professional athlete, social sport enthusiast or have a sports goal in mind like completing a half marathon your massage therapy requirements will need to be unique to you.  Haumanu Health can cater for those specialist requirements. Sports people have used massage in many different ways in either event preparation, post-event or training recovery and rehabilitation.  At any stage a considered approach to soft tissue therapy as part of your program requires a strong grasp of human anatomy, physiology and the effects certain massage therapy techniques can have. Our qualified therapists will keep your specific goals in mind by working with your schedule, addressing your concerns, providing information and be part of your ‘team’ of professionals supporting you to peak performance.

Some of our clients who have used Haumanu Health massage treatments to support their sports goals have told us that our treatments have given them an increased awareness of their own bodies. By working with us they reflect on the way they perform certain movements or start to pinpoint imbalances they feel that may be affecting their performance. For example, a restricted range of motion may reduce the amount of power in their swing, or muscle tightness affecting their flexibility might reduce their reach.

The best way to incorporate sports massage into your training program is by talking to us early in the season.  This allows our therapists to create a plan and also allows time to understand how different types of massage techniques affect your performance so when game day arrives we have the best possible chance for a successful result.

As well as sports specific massage some of our therapists are trained in myofascial dry needling, sports taping and kinesiotaping.

What Can Sports Massage help with?

Sports massage can be used to reduce a whole range of symptoms associated musculoskeletal or sports injuries, stress, and pain management of chronic conditions such as repetitive strain injury.

Sports massage is not just for those types of injuries or conditions those. It has been shown to be an effective treatment in reducing pain associated with some forms of Osteoarthritis, has positive effects on mood enhancing hormones that can help to reduce anxiety and support and improved quality of life for people experiencing symptoms of fibromyalgia. 

Whilst the exact mechanism of how massage effects that body are still being researched, the use of massage by everyday people to help them feel better, move better and sleep better are important considerations as well.

Even if we don’t know your particular condition we will let you know and before booking you in for an appointment we will do a little research.  

At times we have sent clients to get a clearance from the doctor, before seeing them to make sure that there your condition is safe to be treated.

We are conveniently located in Mermaid Waters allowing convenient access to clients from Burleigh Waters, Currumbin Waters and even in the Northern Gold Coast suburbs.


What Can Sports Massage Treat?

The main reason sportspeople tend to use massage therapy is for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). 

DOMS is the muscles soreness that you get after physical activity with its intensity varying.  Usually it sets in the day after training but worsens in the day or two following.  A number of Randomised Control Trial studies have shown massage therapy can have positive effects on pain and recovery post exercise. Whilst claims that massage therapy can improve sports performance specifically can’t be substantiated through studies, we believe that by using massage therapy to improve biomechanics of the body can help to support performance. This relies on the safe, practical and rational approach of techniques and a considered treatment plan.


Sports Massage Bilinga

We offer Gold Coast locals a wide range of massage packages all of which can be delivered in your home, or in our clinic in Mermaid Waters, QLD. 

Our professional massage therapists will tailor a treatment plan to meet your requirements, and take into account any injury, chronic pain on massage treatment goals.


Musculoskeletal pain or discomfort including low back pain
Stress and anxiety
Chronic Pain Management
Sports injuries
Piriformis Syndrome
Sports Performance Recovery

Get in touch to book your Bilinga in home or in clinic Sports massage session.

We love meeting new people, and welcome all new clients with a discounted 90 minute introductory session that includes a full assessment, massage treatment , creation of your tailored treatment plan and stretch exercises to help extend the length of your pain relief. 


What does sports massage involve?

Your first consultation will also include a full medical history, postural assessment, range of motion testing and health goal setting.  During this time we will also talk about your sports specific goals and timeframe that you have to achieve it.

We use 3 different approaches to our Sports Massage at Haumanu Health.

1. Sport specific remedial massage treatment:

This would be your regular treatments that you come for between training sessions for example.  We always begin with addressing any presenting conditions e.g. pain, tightness, stiffness, reduced mobility.  We do the appropriate testing and assessment and create a treatment plan to treat the findings.  During this time, we also review the effectiveness of the last treatment in relation to your goals and adjust techniques accordingly.  This is a highly collaborative service that our qualified massage therapists deliver.  During your treatment we may go through number of re-tests to ensure that we are targeting the appropriate structures.

2. Pre-event sports massage:

This is usually a shorter treatment time, using more vigorous techniques to ‘activate’ and recruit the muscles you need to perform effectively.  Using techniques such as tapotement and percussions we try to avoid making your muscles and ligament too lax to avoid the risk of injury or change in proprioception affecting your form.  During this treatment some athletes check in to their “zone” mentally preparing themselves for the task at hand.

3. Post-event sports massage:

This can happen either immediately or within 2 days after the big game day or event. During this session our aim is to calm the nervous system by inducing a level of relaxation.  The techniques used a slower, rhythmic motions with lighter pressure.  Our massage therapists encourage the tissues to relax again after the exertion they have been put through, and to return to their normal state. We aim to avoid any deep techniques so as not to cause any further stress to the tissues.  Roughly 3 days after the event we would encourage you to come for a Sports Specific Remedial Massage treatment so target specific tissue once any inflammation has gone down.

As we know with sport comes an increased risk of injury – our massage therapists are trained to assess the appropriateness of specific techniques at different stages of injury (acute, sub-acute and chronic).  Before treatment is delivered we perform a screening to reduce risk of further injury, offer options to support recovery and refer for further investigation where appropriate.

Working together with your massage therapist at Haumanu Health, you can be sure that any treatment you undergo is perfectly suited to your body and to your sporting activities.

What People Are Saying About Our Sports Massage Treatments


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Jose O
Jose O
Coolangatta, QLD
Read More
I have received Tyrone’s treatments several times and I highly recommend them. Being a massage therapist myself, he is one on the best the market. He knows what he is doing and does it in the most professional way!
Deb H
Deb H
Currumbin, QLD
Read More
Haumanu Health massage has helped relieve chronic pain from my neck and shoulders. Surprisingly the deep tissue massage was not painful and involved working with the stretching of the surrounding muscles to alleviate the pain! Amazing lasting results in such a short amount of time!
Steph B
Steph B
Gold Coast, QLD
Read More
This guy knows his stuff! His assessment started as soon as I walked through the door and his consideration and care shone throughout the entire session. Tyrone was very informative and thorough throughout his treatment making me feel comfortable that I was in extremely capable hands. Highly recommend his carefully tailored treatments to anyone!
Kirstin E
Kirstin E
Mermaid Waters, QLD
Read More
I saw Tyrone for a general treatment, needing help with tight back and leg muscles. He was incredibly professional and I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. I’ll be going back regularly!
Jess O
Jess O
Mudgeeraba, QLD
Read More
Really intuitive massage. Tyrone took the time to understand my busy daily routine and the stress it was taking on my body. Not only did he work on my pain points, but also sought to remedy to cause of the pain. An excellent holistic treatment!
Tyrone Tautiepa - Qualified Therapist Photo

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