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Haumanu Health are Corporate massage specialists and are dedicated to providing our clients with outstanding service, relief from chronic pain and ongoing support to promote holistic wellness. 


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Benefit of Corporate Massage

orporate massage is a brilliant way to take care of your body as well as your mind. Corporate massage as a part of a wider holistic wellness plan can help lift your mood, eliminate stress and tensions and help with tired and sore muscles. 

Our Corporate Massage treatments are tailored to your personal preference including music style, level of pressure and types of oils. 

If you would like to discuss the various options then reach out to us and we would be happy to take you through it. 

Health Fund Rebates Available from Most Major Australian Private Health Insurance Providers for Eligible Treatments.

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Our Corporate Massage Treatment Options

Interested in rewarding your team with a corporate massage day?

Our Corporate Massage Days can be customised to suit your needs. Depending on the number of people who you would like to receive a treatment, we can adjust the treatment length and location to ensure that you gain maximum benefit and your entire team is left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

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How does corporate massage work?

Corporate Massage is the name given to any type of massage to happen in the workplace.  Not only do you get the benefits of Massage Therapy, you also get the flow on effects of improved morale & engagement by showing you have a staff-centered healthy workplace approach.

Employers and people managers know all too well that a engaged, happy and energized team generally leads to a productive workplace. What corporate massage enables is convenient access to professional massage therapists who do more than go through the motions of a massage routine.  They take the needs of every one of your team members and tailor the treatment to achieve the best possible outcome they can.

In the Gold Coast leading access to an active lifestyle is plentiful, however sometimes your team may require a little support to embrace a healthier work/life balance. Bringing a selfcare health focus into the workplace can help your team members who may have trouble finding the time or who prioritise other commitments like family over themselves. By inviting Haumanu Health’s qualified massage therapists into your workplace we can help remove some of those barriers.

How does corporate massage help my team?

In a typical office environment, most people spend most of the day in positions that can put strain on their muscles and joints. Commonly called ‘Bad Posture’ at Haumanu Health we shift the focus to ‘Good Movement’. Spending long hours typing at keyboards, staring at screens and things like working tend to lead to a more sedentary occupation.  The lack of movement can lead to your staff holding in positions that overtime can lead to tension build up in muscles and even headaches.  By focusing on good movement, we are trying to teach your employees that by making small changes they can get great benefits.  You add a massage treatment to that focus and we feel you have a winning combination.

We at Haumanu Health don’t just settle for offering corporate massage.  We aim to work collaboratively to empower wellbeing.  As part of our corporate packages we also offer a “Strengthening & Stretching in the Workplace” workshop. This goal of this workshop is to show your staff a few simple exercises and stretches they can do at work in a short amount of time to reduce the onset of those aches and pains.

What better way to improve all these problems than a perk of the job which also helps your employees get and stay well, and which gives them the extra energy they need to get through a hard day of work?

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What does corporate massage involve?

Corporate Massage services from Haumanu Health can be offered in a few different ways. When you enquire about one of our treatment packages we will work with you to find the best options to suit your needs, your staff needs and work with the space that you have in the office.

When you send through your request one of our friendly team will call to discuss access to the workplace, number of staff and cover information like parking.  This allows our therapists to be as prepared as possible.  After your call we will send you information that you can share with your staff members as well as short medical history and consent forms. Safety is our number one priority.  We will discuss how the session will run so that you can be sure that it suits the needs of your business.

Our team come prepared with all of the equipment required: Massage equipment, towels, oils, balms & music.  We arrive up to 30 mins before the start of our treatment time to set up and run through any housekeeping like emergency exits etc. At the end of our session our therapist will pack down and leave the room just as they found and check in with you before leaving.

As we mentioned we have a few treatment options.  We do recommend at a minimum 10-15 mins per person but have also treated for 30 minutes and up to an hour with some boutique businesses.

Corporate Massage Treatment Options

Table Massage

We bring a full massage table set up that you would expect for a massage therapy session.  We check with your staff for any conditions that we may need to tailor the treatment for. Ideally for this type of set up a private space would be ideal e.g. an office or board room.  This is so if your staff choose to remove a layer of clothing for treatment that they have the privacy to relax and enjoy the treatment.  We are able to do treatments through clothes if that is what they are more comfortable with.  As part of their treatment we will assess and test the area that they want treated so that our time is targeted and beneficial.

Our qualified massage therapist will use a range of techniques that they are trained in to help treat symptoms associated with things like repetitive strain injuries, tension-type headaches, upper back pain or generally relaxation.

We recommend a minimum of 15 -20 mins for this type of treatment, so that your staff get the most benefit out of the experience.

Massage Chair

This set up requires a little less space for set up and we can do a treatment in a little as 10 mins per person.  We still ask the same question to make sure massage is safe and appropriate and offer the same level of respect and privacy by draping appropriately. Normally this type of massage is done through the clothes due to the time constraints and usually there is more than 1 therapist in the room.  This protects and safety and comfort of everyone present in the treatment area.

The massage chair is specifically designed to reduce weight-bearing on joints and our qualified therapist can adjust the setup to suit the needs of your team.  There have been times when this set up was not comfortable, or clients were unable to sit in the position due to things like pregnancy.  We are then able to sit them in a normal chair and still provide a massage treatment.

As we mentioned we would suggest a minimum of 10 mins per person and no more than 15-20 minutes.  But when we talk to you about your booking we will cover all of this, so that you know what to expect.

Workstation Massage

If space is very limited in your workplace we can do massages at your employees work station.  Normally done in a larger office setting our therapist go desk to desk and offer a 10-min treatment.  As always, we ask safety questions and assess the employee to make sure massage is safe and appropriate.

Our massage therapists will take their towels and massage equipment they require to perform this type of treatment.  Usually in this set up we can access upper back, shoulder, neck and head to massage.

We suggest a minimum of 10 mins per person which includes a 5-7 minute treatment and a couple of minutes each side for our therapists to move between work stations.

Each of your team members will receive personalised treatments working on their target areas in a safe and respectful manner.  Our massage therapists understand that they are a guest in your workplace and will deliver their treatments quietly and with as little impact to your productivity.

The complimentary stretching and strengthening session can be organized at a time when your staff can come together in a space where our therapist can run through some options.  If that isn’t an option that suits your business Haumanu Health will email you something you can distribute to your employees with some suggested options to promote good movement at the convenience of their workstation.

Benefits of Corporate Massage

Massage has been shown, in many scientific studies, to have a positive effect on mood, stress and anxiety reduction. As part of your corporate wellness strategy, a programme of corporate massage from Haumanu Health can have great benefits both for your employees and for you as an employer.


Many of our clients say that finding the time to fit in a massage treatment for themselves can be hard. A full-time employee spends roughly a third of the time they are awake a week at work. Bringing a corporate massage option to your workplace can help give your employees the time that they need to focus on their well-being.

Work Health

Bringing soft tissue therapy into the workplace can help support your company health and wellness strategy. By placing a priority on the well-being of your team members you can help improve the engagement of your staff by making them feel valued.


There have been studies done on the efficacy of staff productivity after a massage. Most people reported feeling “refreshed” and “energized”. This reinvigoration can help to improve mental focus and is a great coping mechanism for work related stress.

Work Place Benefits

When people are looking for new jobs majority of the key drivers besides salary is culture. Offering massage therapy as a benefit of joining your company can display and people focused environment that is about empowering the individual. Whether it's a one-off session as a team reward or regular visits each quarter, a corporate massage package from Haumanu Health can help create a happier, healthier, more productive, and collaborative team.

Get in touch to book a Corporate massage Gold Coast session.

We love meeting new people, and welcome all new clients with a discounted 90 minute introductory session that includes a full assessment, massage treatment , creation of your tailored treatment plan and stretch exercises to help extend the length of your pain relief. 


What People Are Saying About Our Corporate Massage Treatments


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Jose O
Jose O
Coolangatta, QLD
Read More
I have received Tyrone’s treatments several times and I highly recommend them. Being a massage therapist myself, he is one on the best the market. He knows what he is doing and does it in the most professional way!
Deb H
Deb H
Currumbin, QLD
Read More
Haumanu Health massage has helped relieve chronic pain from my neck and shoulders. Surprisingly the deep tissue massage was not painful and involved working with the stretching of the surrounding muscles to alleviate the pain! Amazing lasting results in such a short amount of time!
Steph B
Steph B
Gold Coast, QLD
Read More
This guy knows his stuff! His assessment started as soon as I walked through the door and his consideration and care shone throughout the entire session. Tyrone was very informative and thorough throughout his treatment making me feel comfortable that I was in extremely capable hands. Highly recommend his carefully tailored treatments to anyone!
Kirstin E
Kirstin E
Mermaid Waters, QLD
Read More
I saw Tyrone for a general treatment, needing help with tight back and leg muscles. He was incredibly professional and I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. I’ll be going back regularly!
Jess O
Jess O
Mudgeeraba, QLD
Read More
Really intuitive massage. Tyrone took the time to understand my busy daily routine and the stress it was taking on my body. Not only did he work on my pain points, but also sought to remedy to cause of the pain. An excellent holistic treatment!
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