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10 Reasons Remedial Massage is Good for You

Many of our clients ask about remedial massage, which is something we hear a lot about at Haumanu Health. People are under a tremendous amount of pressure at work and are wondering if a remedial massage would be beneficial to them. Remedial massage is a considered approach to massage focusing on a specific presenting issue or condition. Remedial massages may be …
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Benefts of Sports Massage | haumanu health

The Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage has a variety of health benefits for athletes. Sports massage may be applied before, during, and after performance. Learn why it’s a popular option for everybody from professional athletes to casual exercisers. Learn about the uses and advantages that have been demonstrated in studies. What Is Sports Massage? Sports Massage is a type of therapy in which soft tissues of …
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treatment for sciatica

CAPOW Series – Sciatica

Shooting pain down the back of your leg? Weird tingling sensation? You could be experiencing Sciatica symptoms. The definition of Sciatica “is pain in the buttock and leg, caused by pressure on nerves in the lower back.” which is why another name for Sciatica is Lumbar Radiculopathy.  Therefor, this means ‘true’ Sciatica is when the nerves are affected by conditions in …
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hamanu health treatment in progress

CAPOW Series – Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain – It is something that most, if not all of us have had a massage treatment for – So how does our office job contribute towards it? I know I’ve gone on saying a few times now, how the body is complex, well Lower Back Pain (LBP) is probably one of the most complex.  This is because there …
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remedial treatments on the GC

CAPOW Series – Tension-Type Headaches

Ever had one of those headaches that feels like a band tightening around your head and only gets worse as the day goes on? This could be a Tension -Type Headache. The pain is usually described as ‘vise-like’ and begins at the back of the head or frontal region and eventually spreads over the entire head. You also can experience some tenderness …
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muscle work from Haumanu Health

CAPOW Series – Common Aches & Pains of Office Workers

Deskbound Dilemma As a massage therapist I have seen many clients with deskbound jobs, that have all presented with similar conditions.  Usually it is because they have ignored the little niggles for so long, or because they don’t know what they can do in their day to relieve some of the pain or tension they experience. As anyone who has spent hours …
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shoulder technique being applied by Tyrone Tautiepa Haumanu Health

CAPOW Series – Rounded Shoulders

Dull Ache Between Shoulder Blades? Ever noticed that at the end of a long stressful day of working at your computer, that there seems to be this dull aching pain or tightness radiating somewhere between your shoulder blades? Sometimes it even moves up to the top of your neck? This is one of the most common presenting conditions I see with clients …
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Jason Bennett receiving massage Tweed Heads

CAPOW Series – Forward Head Posture

In the last post we talked about ROUNDED SHOULDERS, today we will look at its usual partner in crime, FORWARD HEAD POSTURE Typically, the head should sit in a nice neutral position (the ears should sit in line with the shoulders in a nice neutral spine), Forward Head Posture sometime called “text neck” or “scholar’s neck” is where the head sits …
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